Adult Goldens

Our English Cream Golden Retrievers

Very high standards, excellent health clearances, wonderful temperaments, and pedigrees above no other.
Our dogs come from the top champions in Europe.

Our dogs live with us in our home with our three children—they’re not raised in kennels. That was very important to me as I began breeding these very social and loving canines. We have 40 acres of field and woods … plenty of room for English Cream Golden Retrievers to play and run. We bring our dogs to our cottage to swim and socialize with our friends and neighbors. When you adopt a puppy from Schuh’s Country Manor Goldens, you’re bringing home a new member of the family, a puppy who is used to being with people and whose parents are also well-socialized.

All of our dogs are provided a grain-free diet. That includes treats and snacks. I prefer to use Dr. Gary’s Best Breed Holistic Pet Food. This dog food is gluten-free, provides 100% EU-approved Ingredients, and is easily digested. I’m very particular in what I choose to feed the dogs to keep them at their optimum health.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime about our puppies and dogs. I welcome questions.

Slav Trophy Malta

Country of Origin: Russia
Sire: Woodrays Sandigo For Mon Solei
Dam: Jako's Stand By Your Side
Pedigree and Health Information

Slav Trophy Malta was born in Russia, and I brought her from the Ukraine. She has specatular health clearances as well as pedigree. She’s nurturing and loves to play and snuggle with her other golden siblings.

Tramins Fantasy Fly Fanfare

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Sire: Tramins Sarmat
Dam: Sunny Delight
Pedigree and Health Information

We’re very excited to add to our Golden family.