About Us

English Cream Golden RetrieversWe fell in love with the Golden Retriever breed years ago, because of the breed’s cheerful, friendly, and calm temperament, their beautiful, muscular build, and their intelligence. As our family grew, we were glad to have Golden Retrievers as trusted family pets. And still are.

The striking countenance and lovely coat of the English Cream Golden Retriever adds to our fondness for this breed. The English Cream Golden Retrievers that our family lives with have brought joy and fun to our home. We choose to raise this line and strive toward healthy, happy puppies that you can bring into your lives.

Our English Cream Golden Retrievers are bred and raised in the countryside, with clean, fresh air and plenty of room to run. Are you interested in a puppy? Contact us to schedule an appointment.

We’ll be glad to meet you!


Meet Mindy

I’m dedicated to English Cream Golden Retrievers. Our dogs are like members of the family. I only breed dogs with very high standards in mind, including excellent health clearances, wonderful temperaments, and pedigrees above no other. Our dogs come from the top champions from Europe. With that being said, our puppies are healthy, intelligent, and of sound temperament. I try to provide the best possible start in life for our puppies.


“I’m interested in a Golden English Cream as a possible new member of my pet family. I visited Schuh’s Country Manor with my Cocker Spaniel, Willie. Those beautiful animals approached me and wagged tails and welcomed us. They were so lovable, docile, beautiful, and extremely social. I was taken aback by the sweet, loving environment in which they are being raised. I feel confident that a puppy from Schuh’s Country Manor would be well on it’s way regarding socialization and training. I want a puppy!!”